Stitch Fix #4

I had a blast with my last Stitch Fix. I had one the same stylists that I've had before and she did an awesome job choosing my Fix.  I loved that she knew some of what was in my closet already from a previous Fix and knew some of what she chose would mix with that well.  Just what I need!

I had requested items for cooler weather but adaptable to the always changing Colorado autumn.  

Kut from the Kloth: Danny 5 Pocket Knit Pant -The pants were a great style and a great color, unfortunately just didn't fit well.

Look by M: Shannon Plaid Infinity Scarf -This scarf was soft and comfy but the color made me look washed out.

41Hawthorn: Dita Colorblock Sleeveless Ponte Dress- I almost kept the dress.  It fit like a glove, but I had just purchased a dress the last Fix and wasn't sure how much I would get use out of a fall/winter dress.

I kept two tops that were great colors and colors that I don't have much (or any) of in my closet. 

Fun2Fun: Tyson Scarf Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse- This first top is lightweight and fits great..  A fun print and perfect fall colors.

TCEC: Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan- This striped sweater is very comfortable and love the cut of it.  

  Thus far I'm loving the items that I've chosen from my previous Fixes and still wear them often.  For someone with little time to shop and when I do I tend to purchase the same types of things, I've found Stitch Fix to be a great way to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe.  While it is often more expensive than I would purchase in the store (hello sale rack!) the quality of clothes has been wonderful, so for me it balances out.

So have you tried Stitch Fix?

My previous Stitch Fix experiences:

*This post contains my referral link, so if you choose to order a Stitch Fix box then I will get a small amount towards my next box. Thank you! :)




I've missed writing.  I've sat down to type a few times in the last week but the words don't seem to come.  Or at least they don't seem to come in time for me to type them. 

Sleep has been slim some nights and one day often seems to run into the next

I've been so thankful for opportunities and inspirations to create and share.  For cool mornings bundled in blankets and warm days to do school outside.  I'm thankful for a garden that is still producing lettuce, even in mid October.  And always, always thankful for grace. 

Tomorrow is Miss A's day.  She will be 7.  When I was pregnant with her God taught me some amazing and valuable lessons.  Sweet memories.  She is full of life and loves deeply.  I'm thankful for her.

How is your October friends? Can you believe it's half over already?


I found it!

He stopped, pointed and shouted, "Whoa, ook! I ound it!  Moon!"  

He was enamored.  I likely wouldn't have stopped to notice.  

His excitement is contagious and loud.  He begs me to see and enjoy things that I would have passed over time and time again. 



Wow it's been busy around here.  Everyday Summit has been busier the last couple weeks and the new ideas have been popping up in my head so I've been drawing and painting a lot more. Which is fabulous but that means less time for writing. 

I am super excited to share another new ice cream recipe with you soon though, it's a birthday inspired recipe I've been wanting to try for quite awhile. Did you catch the latest
s'mores recipe?

These cookies look delicious!

Have you visited Kiki at In Its Time?  She is so fun and down to earth and I love her Project 365 posts. Lovely photos that remind me to pic up my camera and capture beautiful moments. 

Anyone have a Vitamix out there?  I'd love to know your favorite recipes!  I was super blessed to receive one as a bday gift. I made a carrot spread the other day that we used as a dip, it was delicious and so easy!

This breakfast pizza looks yum!  I recently made a no nut pesto and it was delicious!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend friends.  I hope you enjoy every ounce of refreshing fall.



I hope you are all enjoying fall.  I can't believe it's the first day of October!  

Nine years ago today I became a Mama for the first time.  So today we are celebrating Mr. G with a cooking themed party and a chocolate cake that fell apart on me last night that I need to figure out how to salvage later today. 

Now what you're waiting for...

 Thanks to all who entered the Fall Giveaway!  I loved hearing your favorite things about fall. 
Congrats to Gabrielle M., you are the acorn mug winner! I've emailed you.

If you didn't win and still want and acorn mug you can find them here. Stay tuned for more Everyday Summit giveaways in the future. Have an excellent day friends!


S'mores Ice Cream

I am LOVING trying out some fall flavors in our ice cream.  Here's the Pumpkin Spice ice cream in case you missed it.  Who doesn't love s'mores?  I like mine sans chocolate of course but am all about the graham and the mallow.  While some could argue s'mores are really more for summer, I think of bonfires more in the fall and what's a bonfire without a s'more?!

The marshmallow in this recipe is actually a honey sweetened meringue style frosting from The Nourishing Gourmet.

One great think about this recipe is that the mallow swirl uses the leftover egg whites that you don't use in the ice cream.   The swirl can be made ahead of time but it may separate in the fridge if left overnight, if it does just mix it up again with the hand mixer before you swirl into the ice cream and the honey will reincorporate.

Lately whenever I'm trying to do a photo shoot, this sweet face shows up in the frame and he squints his eyes and stands real still.

S'mores Ice Cream
(dairy free)

Chocolate Ice Cream:
2 cans coconut milk, NOT reduced fat (I prefer Thai kitchen)
4 egg yolks (set whites aside!)
1/2 cup honey
Pinch of salt

Mallow Swirl:
4 egg whites
2/3 cup honey
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
Follow the instructions on this recipe for honey vanilla seven minute frosting. It makes a great mallow stand-in.

1-In a bowl whisk 4 egg yolks and honey together until very well combined. Set this bowl aside.

2-Pour both cans of coconut milk into a medium saucepan whisk in pumpkin and all the spices until well combined. Place saucepan on stove over medium heat and "scald" (bring to just before boiling...do not burn!).

3-When milk is ready, whisk ladle fulls of milk into eggs until half of the milk is incorporated into the eggs. This process is called tempering and allows the egg and milk to combine without cooking the eggs. Pour egg/milk mix into pot with milk and put back on stove on medium heat, stirring constantly. Stir in salt.

4-This mixture will begin to thicken. When it coats the back of the spoon and you can draw a finger through it with the line remaining it's ready.

5-Pour into bowl, cover and refrigerate until fully chilled. Refrigerating over night is best. If you're
ice cream maker has a bowl that needs frozen don't forget to put that in the freezer too.

6- Pour into ice cream maker and follow the instructions on your ice cream maker to churn.

7- While your ice cream is churning take 7 minutes and make the mallow from the Honey Sweetened Seven Minute Frosting recipe.  Set aside.

8-  When ice cream is done churning swirl mallow into the chocolate ice cream.  I'd recommend putting some of the mallow in the bottom of the container your ice cream will be stored in, then add the ice cream, then more mallow and swirl.

9- Place in freezer until desired consistency is reached and enjoy!

What are your favorite fall flavors? 


Friday Favorites

We have a lot of Legos around here and I love seeing creativity in Legos.  Check these out.

Excited for an Everyday Summit mug to be in this article 13 Coffee Mugs that Will Make Your Morning Better, there's some pretty unique mugs featured.

The best games for kids.  We love playing games around here and I love finding games that are fun for the kids and the adults.  We love Ticket to Ride, S and A aren't quite ready to play alone yet but we play on teams when they play.  We also love to play Uno.  Do have a favorite game the whole family enjoys? 

10 Free Fall Printables

You still have a few more days to enter the fall mug giveaway!

Happy weekend to you friends!
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