Parenting isn't easy.

Sometimes conversations arise that I feel completely overwhelmed in facing.

On the outside I'm portraying calm, holding my coffee and steadying my breathe.

On the inside I'm yelling, "Help!"And praying for wise words in response.

Some conversations, especially adoption related, seem especially delicate and I feel especially ill-equipped. 

I know I'm not alone in this mothering thing.  Cheering you on today, friends.

As you deal with conversations or situations that you may feel out of your league in, here's a reminder: 



I was looking through old pictures on our family blog and ran across some old videos.  It feels like forever ago.

Of course "they" say it will go fast, this journey in parenting, but somehow it still catches me unprepared.

Part of me wants to stuff them back into there small size, squeaky voices and wobbling walks. 

I miss it.

I can't go back...

but my walk down memory lane stirred something strong in my heart.

I don't want to miss today.  I don't know what tomorrow will look like, or the next day. But today is right in front of me, I have today. 

Here's to being present today. Loving deeply today.  Even if it takes fumbling through, making mistakes, saying I'm sorry and starting over.  Grace in today.  Present for this moment.  Tomorrow will take care of itself. 

Journeying along side you friends. 


Happy New Year!

Hello friends-

I hope your holidays were filled with joy, reminders of hope and lots of laughter. 

I'm still in disbelief that we are a week into 2015.

I love the freshness of a new year.  New goals.  New routines.  New beginnings. Or in  our case lots of things getting checked off the to do list and hung.

Did you set goals for this year?  Did you choose a word for the year?
I chose my word for 2015 and I can't wait to share it with you!


Now that the business of December has eased I'm excited to start writing again.  Have a wonderful day friends.  I've missed you!


December 21-22

Puzzle Day

The cowlick that never quits.  His hair will not lay down, but it's kind of adorable.


December 17

My December Photo Project is few and far between in days but I'm still enjoying capturing these moments.  December is flying by and I'm trying to slow as Christmas approaches to soak in the sweet moments in everyday.

This arrived in the mail the other day.  A gift from Christmas past.  I remember looking at this as a child and imagining sledding down the winding hill.  The hum of the rollers on the track is oddly comforting. Now our kids get the excitement of seeing the ski slope in action.  


December 5-7

I always love an opportunity to remember to get behind my camera lens again, for more than a product photo or social media or blogging.  A challenge to capture and savor these sweet moments in the day, a challenge to slow in a busy, busy season.  The days seem to be flying by like seconds and this challenge causes me to pause and give thanks even in the busyness. 


December 2

One of my favorites of Christmas time are early morning or late nights with just the Christmas lights on.  It's so peaceful and causes me to slow down and breathe deeper (we all need a little of that don't we?).  I especially love this picture because you see the beauty of the lights, without seeing all the laundry on the ground waiting to be put away.  :)

What do you find relaxing about the holiday season?

More December Photo Project here
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