Thanksgiving Traditions

Hello friends!!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?  Where did November disappear to?  I love hearing family traditions...tell me your fave Thanksgiving traditions.

Turkey? Pie? Football? Family?

We have varying Thanksgiving traditions, since moving from place to place, we've now settled on the Colorado tradition of hiking on Thanksgiving day.

I'm not much of a turkey girl, unless it's in a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich, but I have been making a GF version of this Pumpkin Mushroom Stuffing for years now.  t's my favorite but a bit of work which is why I only make it once a year.

 It's also the only day of the year we buy a newspaper.  

Tell me your silly, meaningful, food filled and memorable traditions for Thanksgiving. 


Drawing Essentials

In Its Time
I love when I get the chance to link up with Kiki at In Its Time fore the Circle Link up!  This month she is teaming up with Victoria from Through*For*By and we are sharing Essentials. I love open ended topics!

So I thought I'd share my top 5 drawing essentials...

1: Paper.  Something good quality.
2: Pencils. I usually only use 3 different pencils, although I have a whole collection. Something to sketch with to get it on paper, 6H for details and a softer led for shading.
3: Shading stump.  That's the white thing in the picture.  Perfect for shading.
4: Eraser. I'm kind of picky about erasers. I only use a kneadable rubber eraser. My Jr. High art teacher, Mr. Streed taught me the valuable lesson of negative space, so my eraser is always close by.
5: Sandpaper or Shading Stump Sharpener. When the white of the shading stump is used too much it loses it's effectiveness.  (Apparently you can use this for getting a nice point on your pencils as well, I didn't realize this until today)

Those are my top 5 drawing essentials.   As I was writing this I though a lot about my art teacher Mr. Streed, I have many humorous stories about times in his class. He was quite the character but an amazing artist and teacher.  I often think of his art lessons when I'm creating.  Do you have a teacher who still influences you today?

Make sure to head over to the Circle Link Up to join or check out the other posts.


Nana's Cookies

My Nana always has cookies ready made and frozen in her freezer.  Bagged in small amounts and ready for visitors.  She also always sends us on the road with some when we come to visit.  We hide them in the glove box so the kids won't see them and sneak them out when they aren't paying attention.

We rarely have a delicious wheat and sugar filled cookie anymore but when we do Nana's are my cookie of choice, hands down.

When we visited a couple weeks ago she sent us with chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.  And I came to one conclusion...

The oatmeal raisin cookie was the best I've tasted...ever. I would choose it any day over chocolate chip or even my old favorite sugar cookie. 

I must be getting older or my cookie tasting palette is maturing.  Oatmeal raisin would've previously been the last eaten...not this time.   

So, what's your favorite cookie?  Have you found yourself gravitating towards flavors you once didn't prefer? 


Ever feel like a fake?

I've always loved creating things.  I received my first "real" art supplies when I was around 7 from my Aunt Carol.  For some reason this gift has imprinted itself in my mind.  Spiral bound and thick, the sketchbook was the real deal, not a child's version.  There were charcoal pencils too. I didn't know how to wield them of course, but I drew and drew and filled the sketchbook--maybe the only sketchbook I've ever filled completely. I sketched dozens of pretty awesome California Raisins, of course.

Drawing has always been a part of me. Creating is ingrained in me.  When I was in high school and I was asked what I wanted to go to college for, the answer varied, but it wasn't art.  I didn't want to ruin the enjoyment of creating by doing it as a profession.

I laugh now.

Here I am, waking early, devoting time to "work", staying up late when I would rather sleep because I have an idea that I need to paint, networking with other artists, adjusting product photos, trying to improve SEO.

Somehow, even though I didn't choose it, I'm working...as a an artist (and a small business owner).

But can I whisper something to you?

I feel like a fake.

I stumbled into this. I'm just doing something I love. I have no formal training beyond what I was taught in art classes and I've never had a business class in my life.  I've watched a lot of Shark Tank, read a lot and have a husband who excels in Excel, accounting, profit and loss statements.   He is patient to the extreme when it comes to telling me over and over again the difference between net and gross profit.

I'm constantly trying to balance this work I love, the mothering I love, the husband I love.  Learning when I need to let the sketchbook sit until bedtime and when I can let the dirty dishes sit in the sink and paint for awhile.

When Oprah.com emails or someone is interested in items for their store, and every time an order comes in, I'm thankful, because I feel so blessed to be here.  In this job I "never" wanted to do.  In a spot where I feel like a fake even saying it's a job because I'm doing something I love, something I stumbled into.  I feel so thankful that I can be home with our kids and do a job I love.

I don't know how long it will last and I'm not sure why I waited so long.  I was too scared to start, and honestly the fear doesn't just go away, because I still am kind of fearful someone will raise the curtain and see I'm a mom at a desk in a messy kitchen drawing in a Sketchbook that I bought on sale at the craft store with pencils I've had for 10 years.

But this is me.  And I'm not sure why I share this with you.  I've been mulling this over for a long time.  But maybe if there is something you are scared to do--something that you've always wanted to do but are just to scared to take the steps or devote the time--maybe God is calling you to something new, something he will use to breathe life into you and into others.

And in the end, it doesn't matter if you're not the Great and Powerful Oz, but are really just a normal person behind the curtain.

My prayer since the beginning is this:

Do you ever feel like a fake? I would love to hear your story. Let's walk boldly into these dreams, whether dreamed since childhood or stumbled into, no matter how long they may last or how much we may not feel like the "real" thing.  Let's walk boldly and joyfully.


Hey There.

Well, hello strangers.  Between busy and exciting things at the Everyday Summit shop and taking a whirlwind trip to the Midwest last weekend I'm ready to settle in to life again, including writing more around here.

I'm super excited about a new opportunity for Everyday Summit. A new Holiday Pop Up shop, Spinning Star Gallery, has opened in downtown Colorado Springs and we are excited that mugs, cards and ornaments are now available in this shop.  Spinning Star Gallery features local handmade artisans in a boutique style store.  Perfect for unique holiday shopping.  If you're in Colorado Springs from now until Devember 31 stop by 130 N. Tejon and check out the amazing selection.

Bathroom storage ideas

Love this free fall printables.

Thanksgiving Bingo

This looks amazing!  Spinach Artichoke Spaghetti Squash

Excellent ideas for a gears and pulleys lesson.


Gift Guide

Can you believe it's November??

I wanted to pop in quick and say make sure to check out the Oak and Oats Holiday Gift Guide Great shops, unique gifts and lots of discount codes (including an Everyday Summit coupon)!  Don't miss it!


Friday. Friday. Friday.

Pumpkin inside extraction is hardwork. 

Beet chips. Yum!

Mr. G received this game for his birthday and it's become our new favorite.  We highly recommend Laser Maze.  Intended to play by yourself but we take turns and pass it around.  Ages are 8-adult and I'd say that's pretty accurate.

Woodland creature masks.  Made these for a little fall party we had the other day. They are so cute!

Pumpkin bars!!!!

5 Ways to Combat Writers Block

Received another Stitch Fix a couple weeks ago, shared my experience in this post

Happy weekend friends. Anything special planned?  

We have family in town this weekend, celebrating a birthday and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous, looking forward to a great fall weekend.
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