5 Tips to Motivate Your Reluctant Hiker

"Picture this: it’s a beautiful July weekend morning. The mountains are calling, and you must go. There’s only one problem. One of your precious kids is sitting on the trail (or in the parking lot), refusing to go a step further."  Read the rest over at the Colorado Springs Moms Blog.

So excited to be a contributor for this new blog focused on moms in Colorado Springs. Make sure to head over and check it out. Lots of exciting things in the works and some amazing moms ready to share their hearts, tips and tricks, and lots of local information.  


The Unmaking

Hello Friends,

I've been busy creating, writing (more on that to come), and enjoying every bit of summer I can.  My heart has been heavy though.  Two friends walking different but oddly similar roads that makes my heartache.

I've watched these two women as they walk through these struggles and have been humbled by the grace, perseverance and peace that they've walked with.  Rarely have I seen people watch with such grace in such difficult situations.  Choosing to not become bitter, to continue to pour out love even in the most difficult of circumstances and to continue to take a step forward everyday, refusing to be buried in the circumstances. While I certainly pray their situations take a miraculous turn in a different direction I've been so honored to watch and learn as they have walked these difficult roads.

I was introduced to this song recently because a dear friend of ours is the drummer. But as I was listening to it this morning I was struck by how fitting it is right now.  I hope it can be an encouragement to you too.


Stand Together

Have you read this post yet?  Into Iraq #2  from Ann Voskamp 

If you haven't I urge you to click over and take a read, but come back and let's do something together...stand together.

If I can be completely honest, when my friend Angie messaged me and shared about how this post stirred her heart and I went to read it, my gut instinct was to look away.  Because closing my eyes to this happening and going about my own business with my family so far removed from this crisis would be easier.

It's easier to look away.  I feel helpless, a bit guilty and like anything I could think of doing to help would be a dismal attempt at actually making a difference.

Then I read Ann's words: 
"They need someone to have enough courage to not turn away. That is us."

I thought to myself can't I just do that?  Can't I just have the courage to not turn away? 
So often I feel like what I have to offer is too small to make an impact (especially in a situation like this) that perhaps I do nothing at all.  I say a prayer, push it to the back of my mind and try to forget such unfathomable and dire circumstances exist.  

But this time my friend Angie @ Angie Lindley Artistic Engraving and I decided to do something. 

So we have a challenge for you: to take our small offerings and bring them together to make a big impact in one woman's life.
The Preemptive Love Coalition is a not-for-profit that seeks to help empower women to defy ISIS. $1000 will give one woman a business start-up grant so she can provide food, water, shelter, clothes, and healthcare for herself and her family.
So here's our challenge:

One week : $1000 : Life Change for One Woman

We are looking for 40 people to give $25 each to https://preemptivelove.nationbuilder.com/empower . 

Every person that donates will receive a free sterling silver, heart charm with the word "love" hand engraved on it from Angie Lindley Artistic Engraving. (one charm per household)
For every $25 you donate, we will enter you into a drawing for a free mug of your choice from Everyday Summit.

Want to take the challenge and stand together?
*Click on the link and donate to Preemptive Love.
*Email me, Lindsie (thisabode @ gmail.com) and let us know that you made a donation of $25 or more so we can enter you in the giveaway and get you your charm. Please include your mailing address so we can get the charm sent to you. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
*Share this post to spread the word.  The more small steps the bigger the impact.

Let's stand together and help to empower one woman to take a stand against ISIS.

You can read more on the Preemptive Love Coalition blog about what it looks like for one woman to receive a business start up grant.


Through All Of It

Hi friends! Happy Friday to you.

I heard this song on the radio the other day and had to share it with you.  I've been listening to it on repeat.  




What no one told me about being a mom...

You do the best you can to get prepared to become a mother.  Getting supplies ready, researching, asking other mothers, preparing...the list goes on and on.  In reality one can never fully be ready to bring another life into the world. 

Many will have advice. 
"You need this..."
"This is how I did it..."
"I don't know what I would've done without..."
"They days go by slowly, but the years will fly by."
"You must do..."
"You're going to be the best mom ever."

All well meaning...some true.

But can I be honest.  It's the last one...yes this one, "You're going to be the best mom ever", that makes me cringe ever time.

Every time I hear a well meaning person tell a soon to be mom she is going to be the best mom ever I want to chime in and stop them. 

Sweet Mama-to-be,
Can I tell you some truth? Some hard, but oh so sweet, truth?

You won't be the best mom ever. 

How do I know this? 
There is no such thing.
This whole "best mom ever" is a false perception.
It's a figment of imagination, of what Pinterest and FB and small glimpses of someone's life may lead us to compare.

Sweet Mama-to be,
You will mess up.
You will raise your voice.
You will get frustrated with that sweet little bundle of joy. 
There are days when you will want to pull out your hair and be brought to tears with exhaustion.

But wait, while this may be hard truth to swallow, please keep reading. 

This is good news, oh so good news.
You won't be the best mom ever.  I want to shout it from the mountains, "I'm not the best mom ever."
It's kind of freeing, right?
You don't need to be the best mom ever. Our worth as a mom doesn't rely in being better than everyone else or comparing to everyone else. 

Please, don't walk into motherhood with an bar of expectation so high that it's unattainable. 

The truth is...

You'll do your best.  And some days your best for the day won't be all that Facebook worthy, but that's okay.
You'll have some days that will be your best days. Celebrate!
You'll have days that will be rough and that you wish to be forgotten.  Don't hold on to them.  Try again and have a do over.  Some days will take many, many do overs.  See it as an opportunity for grace, for yourself and for your little bundles of joy.

Motherhood, however if comes to you, is a sweet, sweet gift.  A challenge. An adventure. Take the journey.

While you may walk into motherhood with heaps of advice and ideals of what it will be like. I beg you to release yourself of the expectation that you will be the best mom ever.



It's so easy, especially this year, for Easter to fly by.  It snuck up on me and I could easily slip through the moments without any remembrance, and focus.

I've been praying this season of Easter and all it means would sink into my heart.  Yesterday, while I was driving GH to his music therapy, I had the thought:

What would it look like if I lived as thought I believed what the Bible says about Easter?

If I really believe that Christ died for me, that he conquered death and rose again, that he has the victory...how does that look in my day to day? Not just in my time reading the Bible or at church, not just in hard times or times of need.

How does the good news of Easter impact my life in the every day moments?

I can't say I've completely processed my answer to this question, but I'm challenged and desire for this season to rush by my heart.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.  However you celebrate this weekend, may it be filled with hope, joy and celebration.


This video is actually a training video on how to play this song, the song starts at 1:55. There are several versions of this song out there but this acoustic version is one of my favorites.


A few favs and winners!

Good morning!  I hope you had a wonderful week. It's  been a full one here.

I had some down time to process some things and think I may have a few blog posts rolling around in my head.
I also discovered this recipe, yum right?!
This quote resonates with me recently.  I've learned a lot owning a business and with it being a creative business I'm finding this quote especially relevant. I can't say I'm not afraid to fail, but I'm learning to continue to move forward in spite of being afraid to fail.
I've also been learning a lot more about essential oils recently.  The seasonal allergies have begun and while they aren't something that plagues our family, a few of us get sinus issues in the spring. I made this allergy bomb in one of my roller bottles, it smells amazing and works wonders! 
Okay, not it's time to announce the winner of our Everyday Summit giveaway.
I decided to go ahead and pick two winners...why not?
I let Rafflecopter pick two winners at random for me .
Drum roll please...

Wendie S.
Nina D.
Congrats ladies.  I will be emailing you so you can select your prize. 
Thanks for joining in the on the fun. 
New posts coming in the next couple weeks.
Have a wonderful spring weekend!
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