December 17

My December Photo Project is few and far between in days but I'm still enjoying capturing these moments.  December is flying by and I'm trying to slow as Christmas approaches to soak in the sweet moments in everyday.

This arrived in the mail the other day.  A gift from Christmas past.  I remember looking at this as a child and imagining sledding down the winding hill.  The hum of the rollers on the track is oddly comforting. Now our kids get the excitement of seeing the ski slope in action.  


December 5-7

I always love an opportunity to remember to get behind my camera lens again, for more than a product photo or social media or blogging.  A challenge to capture and savor these sweet moments in the day, a challenge to slow in a busy, busy season.  The days seem to be flying by like seconds and this challenge causes me to pause and give thanks even in the busyness. 


December 2

One of my favorites of Christmas time are early morning or late nights with just the Christmas lights on.  It's so peaceful and causes me to slow down and breathe deeper (we all need a little of that don't we?).  I especially love this picture because you see the beauty of the lights, without seeing all the laundry on the ground waiting to be put away.  :)

What do you find relaxing about the holiday season?

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December Photo Project - December 1

It's that time of year again.  Time for the December Photo Project.  While I'm a day late in posting I did remember to pull out the camera yesterday.

I've created my own standing desk for when I paint mugs as I've been doing a lot more lately with the holidays approaching. Thanks so everyone who shops small to support those who took a step on a dream, we can't do this without you.  Shopping through our shops helps us remember to keep pressing forward and that it's worth the sacrifice to keep going.  I love what I do and it's an amazing privilege to see others enjoy my artwork as well. 

So are you joining in the December Photo Project fun? 


Thanksgiving Traditions

Hello friends!!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?  Where did November disappear to?  I love hearing family traditions...tell me your fave Thanksgiving traditions.

Turkey? Pie? Football? Family?

We have varying Thanksgiving traditions, since moving from place to place, we've now settled on the Colorado tradition of hiking on Thanksgiving day.

I'm not much of a turkey girl, unless it's in a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich, but I have been making a GF version of this Pumpkin Mushroom Stuffing for years now.  t's my favorite but a bit of work which is why I only make it once a year.

 It's also the only day of the year we buy a newspaper.  

Tell me your silly, meaningful, food filled and memorable traditions for Thanksgiving. 


Drawing Essentials

In Its Time
I love when I get the chance to link up with Kiki at In Its Time fore the Circle Link up!  This month she is teaming up with Victoria from Through*For*By and we are sharing Essentials. I love open ended topics!

So I thought I'd share my top 5 drawing essentials...

1: Paper.  Something good quality.
2: Pencils. I usually only use 3 different pencils, although I have a whole collection. Something to sketch with to get it on paper, 6H for details and a softer led for shading.
3: Shading stump.  That's the white thing in the picture.  Perfect for shading.
4: Eraser. I'm kind of picky about erasers. I only use a kneadable rubber eraser. My Jr. High art teacher, Mr. Streed taught me the valuable lesson of negative space, so my eraser is always close by.
5: Sandpaper or Shading Stump Sharpener. When the white of the shading stump is used too much it loses it's effectiveness.  (Apparently you can use this for getting a nice point on your pencils as well, I didn't realize this until today)

Those are my top 5 drawing essentials.   As I was writing this I though a lot about my art teacher Mr. Streed, I have many humorous stories about times in his class. He was quite the character but an amazing artist and teacher.  I often think of his art lessons when I'm creating.  Do you have a teacher who still influences you today?

Make sure to head over to the Circle Link Up to join or check out the other posts.


Nana's Cookies

My Nana always has cookies ready made and frozen in her freezer.  Bagged in small amounts and ready for visitors.  She also always sends us on the road with some when we come to visit.  We hide them in the glove box so the kids won't see them and sneak them out when they aren't paying attention.

We rarely have a delicious wheat and sugar filled cookie anymore but when we do Nana's are my cookie of choice, hands down.

When we visited a couple weeks ago she sent us with chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.  And I came to one conclusion...

The oatmeal raisin cookie was the best I've tasted...ever. I would choose it any day over chocolate chip or even my old favorite sugar cookie. 

I must be getting older or my cookie tasting palette is maturing.  Oatmeal raisin would've previously been the last eaten...not this time.   

So, what's your favorite cookie?  Have you found yourself gravitating towards flavors you once didn't prefer? 
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