Vacationing with Food Allergies: Kansas City

Gluten Free Dairy Free PizzaLast month we took a long weekend trip to Kansas City. As usual I did my food research ahead of time. I was very excited about the options in Kansas City for eating out with food restrictions. There were several places offering local, allergy friendly and gluten free options. We were really hoping to make it to Local Burger, just outside of Kansas City but unfortunately we didn't make it over there.

We did, however, have a great meal and restaurant experience worth sharing.

The first and my favorite, Waldo Pizza. When we called ahead to ask about nut allergies they were very informed and cooperative! It is not often that when you call a restaurant that the person who answers the phone can confidently answer your questions (usually a manager needs to be called to answer the questions), the obviously had been trained and well informed. this made us very confident to enjoy their pizza.

They offer a gluten free pizza crust (from my Olivia's Oven), vegan mozzarella cheese or soy cheese, as well as gluten free cookies and cupcakes. They offer a regular, gluten free and vegan menu. They have unique variety of toppings from several varieties of cheese, artichokes, herb roasted potatoes and much more. We had chicken and roasted garlic on one and it was delicious! We were not disappointed in this selection for dinner. Even those who were not used to the gluten free and dairy free options enjoyed this pizza!

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