A re-introduction...

This blog started 3 years ago. I can't believe it's been that long. Life has changed so much in 3 years:: blogging has been a priority, put on hold, restarted.

This Abode was born out of my love for the home and my passion for family. I still hold these things as passions but it's taken on different faces. As Wholesome Foods on a Budget gave way to crafty things and now counting my gifts this blog has molded and formed to our ever changing lives.

There are probably not many readers that are still there from the beginning (but if you are give a shout out!), so I thought I'd reintroduce ourselves.

We've remained rather anonymous and we will continue to an extent, but for now I want to share with you my family. The ones I love dearly and have been blessed beyond measure by.

David, My Love- He shows me constantly the love Christ has for me and he more than anyone can make me laugh. I am blessed to call him husband for the last 6 years.
G- He is our eldest, a protector and defender to the core. He is blessed with creativity and I'm thankful for his tender heart.

A-She's girly and spunky all rolled into one. She is going to great things some day because she is determined and full of wonderful emotions. I already see a caring heart growing in her.

S-The joy that this boy has amazes me. He smiles bright from the moment he gets up and his smile is contagious. He was born in Ethiopia and he is courageous more than he knows. I am grateful to be his mama.
Mr. Chubby Cheeks- He's currently in South Korea and we are hoping to have him with us this summer. I'm not ready to share his picture with the blog world yet, I'm still holding it close-our only connection with him right now. But trust me, just as his nickname suggest he has precious cheeks that suit him just perfectly.

And me? Well, I had to scavenge a picture of myself, this was taken a couple years ago. But here I am- an apron wearing, lover of family and all things cooking and creative, with a passion for the home and for having a family for the family-less.

So if you've been around for awhile or have just never posted...how do you do? Please introduce yourself.


  1. I have been around for awhile now - nut not sure how long:)

  2. I mean "But" not sure how long - LOL!

  3. Since the days of robo_foot....I remember it fondly ;-)

  4. Love the intro : ) We've been around : )

  5. How fun to see your family's pics :) G has gotten so big! Continuing to pray for your next adoption..you are very blessed! The Lord is calling us to Austin, TX very soon...can't wait :)

    Diana in IA

  6. Hey friend! I've been reading for awhile now and enjoy following your lovely family! Still hoping to see you guys again soon.

  7. Thanks for sending me a link to your blog. I LOVE your lists! I think we could be great friends! So excited to get to see picture of Mr. Chubby Cheeks's family. He has been blessed beyond my prayers. Thanks for letting me have a peek into your family!


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