1. He sang Justin Bieber and danced far better than I could.

2. 72 blank white coffee mugs were delivered in two giant boxes to our front door.

3. Our youngest son was diagnosed with Autism.

All in one day.  Only one of these 3 I was expecting. It wasn't the first and it wasn't the last.

The mugs were delivered for my first Everyday Summit wholesale order.

The singing?  That was done by the most cheerful medical receptionist this side of the Mississippi.  He knew ASL and signed with GH, and then he had a dancing Valentine dog that sang Justin Bieber's "Baby". The man sang and danced along as many times as GH pushed the button.  And as you can imagine with a 3 year old that loves music, it happened over and over.

And of course, number 3.  Which is really what this post is about.  Autism.

Remember this post?  Well, we have an answer, although maybe not the entire answer yet.   It is a big step.  You see, I had asked for answers and prayed for answers and even thought once we have an answer to what is going on that we would be able to move forward and figure out how to help him.

But I wasn't expecting it, and I kind of wished I hadn't been so eager for answers.  It felt pretty rotten actually.  Yes, I was relieved a bit that someone saw the struggle we were having and there would be help. I just wasn't expecting to feel so sad about it.  While I was wanting answers, I guess I wasn't ready for them like I thought. Or maybe I was hoping that "this too shall pass" and that someday things would find a "normal" rhythm.

But when the doctor gives the diagnosis and then stops and says, "I'm going to stop here a minute and see how you are doing?..."

My head was spinning.

How do you process this?

I don't even really know what Autism is.  I mean, I kind of do, but if you ask me, I couldn't even explain it.  We have a lot to learn...and we will.

And I guess for now that's all I know.  I'm thankful for boxes of blank coffee mugs that I have been painting away at while processing life as I dot...dot...dot on the white mug and then when I step back all those dots they look beautiful all together.  Some may have looked smudged up close, and some more pretty, but all together they look nice.

And so we go, dot by dot, step by step, processing this new world we've stepped into and trusting that some day we will look back and see the big picture God painted in this time, and it will be beautiful.

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  1. Wow, love those mugs and the perspective it brings. Praying for you and your family as you navigate this.


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