Friday Favorites

I love new days.  A fresh start and breathing deeply.  Here are some worthwhile links for your weekend.  We may need to try the first one today.

For fun:: When life gives you frigid cold temperatures...make frozen bubbles:: from Housing a Forest

To eat:: We made these Paleo Onion Rings for our Super Bowl party. GH helped me (aka played in the onions and batter), he insisted it was "sgagetti" and hollered at me every time I tried to take some and cook them, it kept me laughing.  They were quite a bit of work, even with my extra helper, but totally worth it.  Delicious! :: from Paleo Effect

For the home:: While things are in a bit of a chaotic state these last couple weeks, betweent eh 72 coffee mugs and Autism.  I'm itching to simplify things around here, GH will be starting more therapy soon and less stuff=less mess and less to clean.  It's been awhile since we've had a good clean out.  Clutter Free Forever, some good tips on simplifying :: from Living Well Spending Less

It seems to be cold just about everywhere, what are some of your favorite winter activities (indoors or outdoors)?

Happy weekend, friends. 

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  1. it's warming up a tad bit here! we tried to bring some warm weather home with us ;)


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