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It's Friday again...already.  It's been a whirlwind of a week.  Figuring out insurance, talking with therapists, observing at GH's school, forms that I don't know the answers too and that was on top of "normal" life. I have several posts brewing in my head, I'm learning a lot about moving forward under something that carries this much weight.  Things I hope may be an encouragement to someone else if they find themselves in a similar situation.  The post is coming, it just hasn't worked it's way to my fingertips yet.

There has also been some exciting news!  Everyday Summit is very happy to announce we are a vendor for BirthdayGram.  BirthdayGram is an app that makes it easy to send birthday gifts and cards to friends.  Now, one of these hand painted mug sets is a gift option a pretty big deal for a girl who wasn't even sure about starting this shop a year ago.  I'm feeling pretty blessed.

See?  I nearly squeeled when I saw it...

There is some more exciting Everyday Summit news coming soon too.  Really friends, I don't deserve all this but I am thankful for these opportunities to share bits of beauty that I hope bring joy to someone.

Can you tell I haven't blogged this week, lots to say when i take the time to sit still.  But onto Friday, some favorites for you...

Outside::  It's going to be warm here...and sunny.  I'm nearly jumping up and down with excitement!  I love sitting outside with sidewalk chalk and drawing with the kids.  This is quite the stunning and simple sidewalk chalk art :: from The House of Hendrix

To Eat::  We've experienced quite a few Paleo pizza crusts in the last 18 months of eating a more Paleo diet.  But this is one we haven't tried, Butternut Squash Pizza Crust.  Has anyone tried this?:: from Empowered Sustenance

Project Time:: I love a good DIY project.  This welcome mat one looks pretty easy and adorable :: from A Beautiful Mess

Did anyone try the frozen bubbles from last week?  We didn't get to it.  Happy weekend friends.  

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  1. It will be on my blog soon too! everyone loved the instagram of my joy mug!! XOXO


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