It's Friday

I promise this blog isn't only going to be posts on Friday. In fact I have a post in the works but am waiting for my grammar and content reader (David) to check it before I post.  He's my filter when what I want to say doesn't come out like I intended it and he's a grammar whiz...which I am not.  So take heart, more posts are coming!

With that said, here's some worthwhile links for your Friday.

Important skills::  If this ever happens to you and the hard boiled eggs get mixed with the uncooked eggs.

This little experiment may be beneficial to you, Take an Egg for a Spin :: from the Science of Cooking.

For the Home:: I love, love, love this idea for shelving.  Anyone know where I can find them? :: from Rain on the Tin Roof.

To eat::  We are in a meal slump.  So it's your turn...in the comments post a favorite family meal.  Doesn't have to be Paleo or even gluten free. Any ideas are welcome!

And with this friends...Have a wonderful weekend! I look forward to your recipe ideas!!


  1. I made this a few weeks back and it was great. I would advise waiting for awhile to add the broccoli so it does not get two soft

    Moms Broccoli Bake

    1 head broccoli
    1 large onion
    1 can mushroom soup
    3 chicken breasts
    2 cups long grain wild rice (other types of rice can be substituted I just prefer the wild rice)

    Chop it all up and throw in the crockpot for 8 hours and enjoy!

  2. Here are some of our favorites :)


  3. I like that you post on Fridays! I know that if i don't hear from you all week I will today!! XOXO we just eat a lot of chicken, salmon, and anything you can throw in the oven :)


I love your comments! I will do my best to reply to your questions in the comments section. Thank you!

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