It's just too much...

Hi friends,

How are you...really?

As I went to bed last night, everything felt like it was just too much...

Riots, starvation on a mountain, children dying, one who brought so many laughs hurting so deep and dark, illness ravaging and taking lives.  And there is more, isn't there?  Whether halfway around the world, or in our home, or next door. 

Sometimes it seems easier to just look away, but I can't just pretend it's not happening.  I've tried that before, pretending like something isn't happening because it may be uncomfortable or hurt.  I can't just avoid the news, cover my ears to the stories or look away when the neighbors pass by.  Yes, it may feel like it's just too much, may feel like everywhere I turn there seems to be heartbreak, loss, and suffering, but I can't ignore it and pretend like it's not happening.  That would solve nothing. 

Anyone else feeling a bit helpless these last couple days?  Like it's just too much?  

My friend Kelly asked this question on Facebook last night: "All over the world there are heartbreaking things going on. Yet in my personal little bubble all is "well". How do I continue on with my everyday, just like normal, when so many cannot?"

Can anyone else relate?


  1. I agree. It is hard to separate the evils of this world and not allow your mind to dwell on sad and terrible things, you can get lost. I find focusing on those things will eat away at you if you let them. There is only so much you can do in a day, it is not avoiding but protecting. For the sake of my little ones I work hard to put on a happy face, to make sure that at least for them, all is well...

  2. You're a very special friend in my life- never turning a blind eye to my hurts and responding with compassion and prayer. Sure, it would be easier to turn away, at least for a moment. That's not reality, though. We cry with one another and we celebrate with one another. Joy parallel to the sorrow. ❤

  3. Love you, friend and am thankful for you.

  4. I do agree Rachel, focusing on them doesn't help and it can become consuming for sure.

  5. Yes I hear you. I think we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about the state of the world but sometimes it feels overwhelming. I feel helpless but I do think awareness is better than living in our perfect bubbles.

  6. Thanks for commenting Ursula. I agree, it can be overwhelming but awareness is important.

  7. I've definitely been feeling like this lately. Constant reminders of what a fallen world we live in remind us of the importance of salvation.


I love your comments! I will do my best to reply to your questions in the comments section. Thank you!

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